‘Get rid of age spots the natural way’

Uneven skin tone is one of the fastest growing skin care concern, aging more women than a few well-deserved lines. However, before you throw up your hands in desperation, here are some ways to save our skins the natural, inexpensive and safe way.

Lemon juice; cheap and easy to source, is a natural age spot, freckle and pimple fighter because of its skin lightening and antiseptic qualities. It can be coupled with parsley to improve its beneficial action. Leave on skin for half an hour then rinse or leave on skin overnight.

Blend honey and yoghurt together to create a natural bleach that will lighten age spots faster.  Mix one teaspoon of each, apply to the age spots and let dry for 30 minutes then rinse off.  Apply once a day and you should see results within two weeks.

Aloe vera gel, applied straight from a living plant in your flower garden to your skin is one of the best ways to slough away dead cells and encourage growth of healthy skin. Applying aloe vera gel once or twice a day helps fade age spots by removing top layer of skin and promoting healthy cells. 

Apple cider vinegar mixed with blended red onions and applied with a cotton pad directly on age spots acts as an exfoliator and also helps lighten age spots.

No need to throw out milk that has gone bad. Wash your face with sour milk as this provides a gentle peel of the skin without irritation and sensitivity that is typical result of acid peels. 

A healthy, balanced diet is a must.  Sometimes various skin issues are associated with wrong food habits.  Avoid oily foods; instead take as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible since these help flush harmful toxins from your body and increase your vitamin C intake to make your skin more resilient.

Age spots often follow the appearance of lines and wrinkles, therefore, avoid frowning too much and smile more; this will make you look younger with a more even toned skin.

Feel confident every day with even, smooth and radiant skin!

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