IF I WERE: Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) financial spokesperson in Parliament, I would not be careless by accusing Finance and Economic Planning Minister Goodall Gondwe of allocating more water projects to the North because the region has “just few people”.

If I were the MCP parliamentarian, I would realise that the statement portrays the kind of leader I am—a nepotistic leader so stuck in the past that I would not allocate a tap to the North if I were in power today.

How I wish I were Kusamba Dzonzi because I would realise that for a politician to make such regionalistic remarks in this day and age just shows that I am in the wrong field.

Oh yes boss, if it were in a more civilised country, the only way forward was for me not only to apologise for my nepotistic remarks but also resign. Unfortunately, this is Malawi where such a thing cannot happen.

If I were Kusamba Dzonzi, I would realise that my party’s rivals will jump at such outrageous statements to claim that MCP has not changed.

But I remain the scribe that is Garry Chirwa.

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