APM courts bloodsucker saga victims

President Peter Mutharika of Friday assured people in the country that government will deal with those spreading fear in the blood sucking saga when he held an open court session in Mulanje to hear stories and testimonies of victims.

Mutharika pushed politics aside to face people of Mulanje district at Mulanje Secondary School in a bid to get to the bottom of the allegations of bloodsuckers rampaging across the district and surrounding areas.

He said that having appreciated that the nature of the bloodsuckers saga was partly viewed as involving magical powers, he would let those who have the ability to deal with such issues to do their part.

“But I want all people in this area to live peacefully. That is why we have deployed police officers both uniformed and plain-clothed to this area.  You have to believe in this government that we can deal with this,” he said.

He urged people in the district to get back to work and advised them not to attack government officials who from next week will be distributing Farm Input Fertiliser Subsidy (Fisp) coupons.

“Return to your homes and do not to sleep outside your houses. But if the problem requires a solution through magical powers, then let people like Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa to handle that.”

The open court is one of a series of sessions which the President has vowed to undertake in a number of districts where reports of bloodsuckers have resulted in the death of six people.

This was also the first time, Mutharika who is also Democratic Progress Party (DPP) leader, had no party officials dictating events as Mulanje DC Reignhald Kaweta Chavula directed the ceremony unimpeded by party loyalists and youth cadets.

Six people from various areas of the district testified having encountered bloodsuckers in their homes while others including senior chief Mabuka recounted how they survived a mob attack for being suspected to be bloodsuckers or their accomplice.

Chairperson for Mulanje District Council told the President that a full council meeting in the district recently met and agreed, among other things, to continuE sensitizing the communities on the dangers of mob killings while at the same time engaging the faith community to mobilise prayers.

So far, six people have been killed for being suspected to be bloodsuckers or their accomplices. While over 30 people have been arrested for being suspected to be perpetrators of mob justice.

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  1. This primitive belief that magic powers are real is a real curse on this nation. Even the president buys it. The so-called “faith community” believes it’s real. All the DPP cadets are into it – that’s why they were too afraid to show up.

  2. President aliyense amakhala ndi zake… amene he doesn’t follow them samalimba.. Athu akudziwa kanthu awa… but we are tired to be honest.. dziko sili kuyenda ili corruption, there is no security. Segregation, its like we dont have president…. APM why can’t you kick out politicians ministers or police officers who doesn’t deliver..or execute the job intended..ma unduna ena they aren’t doing enough..people are in poverty kumangodalira NGOs kupempha basi.

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