Apostle blames man for worldly ills

Apostle Mike Chisale—president of Remnant Church of Jesus—believes all problems Malawi and the world at large are facing are as a result of man’s perception of himself. In his words ‘what I think about myself is seen in the way I think about anything else, including personal or national development’. Apart from ministering in the country, Remnant Church of Jesus also has branches in Burundi and Rwanda. APOSTLE CHISALE shared his sentiments about his church and problems facing mankind with JACOB NANKHONYA. Excerpts:

Apostle Chisale:  We thank God for the present leadership
Apostle Chisale: We thank God for the present leadership

So, how do you minister to man?

We hold seminars where people are taught issues that will help them change their mindset, so as to achieve more in life. We train our following so that they are empowered to impact this generation. We don’t look at man as a failure. We also encourage our members to send their children to school because we believe in meeting every need of this life. What we have discovered is that man must change, and the change must take place in the mind. Nothing is lost in this world because God is still in control and is still a blessing God.

How must the church help government to solve national problems?

There are so many ways through which the church can help government. Number one is attitude change. The church must not look at government as an enemy, so should government not look at the church as an enemy. They are both on divine assignments.  The church must provide advice to government where necessary; for example, the current situation of food shortage and attacks on people with albinism. You know the people are closer to the church than they are with government, so if the problems are addressed right in the church, then we can easily have a better nation. We thank God for the present leadership because sometimes we are invited and we discuss issues of national importance.

What are you doing to help people change their attitude on themselves?

To begin with, the Bible is comprehensive; it caters for every aspect of our lives, therefore, apart from tackling issues on a pulpit, we have seminars where we tackle a particular problem such as marital issues, HIV and Aids, economic empowerment and similar issues. You know you will find out that all these things are found in the Bible. People need to change their mindset on how they solve their problems.

With all the fertile soils and abundant water, what do you think is Malawi’s problem?

When you read the Bible, when God was creating man He said ‘let us create man in our own character’. You may think that God has hands, legs and everything we physically see on human beings. This, actually, meant ‘let us create man who should be a creator’.

Our problem is not a problem at all. It is lack of creativity. It is lack of being able to see because the people who create must first be able to see, so we don’t know what we have. We struggle at finding solutions because we don’t know what we have. Walk around the lakeshores and you will find that land is so fertile with a lot of water and if you go in the villages, you will find that someone is just keeping grass yet he doesn’t have food. On the other hand, the way politicians have presented themselves is like they have all the solutions, not exactly that people must work on their own. So, the issue of mindset change does not get to the masses; therefore, the church must stand and sensitise the masses.

People should be taught to look into themselves and find something they can do to change their lives. They must learn to create multiple sources of income. God is a multiplier, the little something people have they must have a desire to multiply it, and that is the only way we are going to get out of poverty and keep rising. With these teachings, I have seen people coming to church poor but with the passage of time their lives change for the better because they work for themselves.

The church teaches its faithful about praying and claiming blessings from God. What is your take on that?

The Bible tells us that we have to confess, but this God we serve isn’t just a miracle worker, He wants people to work as is said that God commanded Adam to cultivate and take responsibility. I tell you that some of the teachings aren’t Biblical and I speak as an apostle and they tend to brainwash the followers. People need to be taught the right things to do.

Peter was told to launch the net to the deeper waters and he went back into the lake where he got a big catch of fish. So, it is not just making people to believe. For example, there is a lazy woman who has marital problems because she doesn’t know how to cook and she comes to a pastor who tells her ‘let us pray’ and believe that God is going to help, no, that’s cheating people. We don’t believe in such kind of things. Say you will find money in your account, no that’s magic, God doesn’t perform magic.

Miracles have a source. Even when Jesus fed a multitude there were two fishes and some bread which He multiplied. He didn’t just multiply the fish from the blues. These are end days and so many things are going to take place. The Bible spoke about false prophets and hard times.  I just want to encourage my fellow brothers that they should not lose heart because of what they are going through, no. They should stand for the truth. Let us preach love because that is something that is missing in the world. There is a lot of greed and people need to be helped.

Finally, what is your take on homosexuality?

Homosexuals are people just like us, but like any other people with problems such those of beer drinking, they need our support so that they can change. They need our support. It is not like we are trying to squeeze them or oppress their freedoms, the church must look at them as all those with the needs and look up to the church for support. n


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