Artists being ‘Made on Monday’

MBC Radio 2FM’s Made on Monday programme which mainly features Malawian urban music has proved to be a big hit in the two years it has been on air.

It has helped new artists introduce themselves to the musical world just as it has aided others reclaim their spot on the scene.

Nathu produces and presents Made on Monday

The show is segmented into three, premieres which features new music, top 10@10 chart and live exclusive interviews.

Its growing listenership and the huge following it commands on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is a testimony to how much excitement the programme has generated.

Both established artists and new ones alike have failed to resist the allure that has come with Made on Monday.

On Monday one after another they have made their way to the corridors of State-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) broadcasting house at Chichiri, Blantyre ‘to be made’ and make the programme.

The list of stars made on Monday include Fredokiss, Gwamba, Tay Grin, Malcelba, Kelly Kay and The Daredevils, among others.

New acts like Waxy Kay have also taken advantage of the radio platform.

Producer and host of the radio show Joy Nathu has proved to be adept in his presentation and his understanding of local urban music trends is so deep such that Monday nights are never the same on Radio 2FM.

Nathu says the growth of urban music drove him to create the programme which in essence can act as an outlet and a platform where musicians can share their art.

Says Nathu: “Malawian urban music has been making tremendous strides but there has been less channels where this pool of talent can be showcased. Then I thought what if I move in to be part of a small solution to this bigger problem.”

For all the talent Made on Monday has helped unearth and expose, Nathu however remains a model of modesty, refusing to acknowledge the credits showered on him opting to salute the artist whom he says have helped redefine the local urban music scope.

“I call the idea of promoting the artists a working relationship where artists have made the show and the show has made the artists. We have transformed the Malawian music calendar and we have great new music every Monday in the country,” he says.

The show is pushing new grounds, it has not restricted itself to the studio platform. Under the same Made on Monday banner, Nathu is hosting outside shows like urban vibes with live interview recordings, live song premiering and freestyle competitions all on call.

“It has been a great platform for expansion as some artists are not session artists. Some are good at word for word and live performances and this has allowed such artists to be part of the show using these live events.

“We would like to continue. Taking each step, one day at a time to reach more artist, inspire them and introduce new music and talent,” he explains.

The artists themselves have taken well with the show, hailing it for making local urban music relevant.

One artist who has featured on the show, Malcelba, whose collaboration with Saint of Tchekela Maluzi fame is currently faring well on the Top 10@10 chart, says it is a blessing for the artists to be given such an outlet to showcase their talent.

“We are glad as musicians for the opportunity that the show has given us. As artists every effort which will help promote our work is a plus,” he says.

MIJ FM’s senior reporter Lifu Litete is an ardent follower of the programme and he has been awed by the amount effort Nathu invests in researching material for his show.

“Made on Monday is a platform that local urban artists were lacking since the demise of Gowelo Beats on FM 101.

Ever since I started listening to the show my knowledge of local urban music has never been the same.

“The host himself clearly shows you that he knows his trade. He does thorough research of the guest artist he is featuring. Listening to the show is not only a pleasure but also very enriching,” says Litete.

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