Atupele says UDF not dead

United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Atupele Muluzi has dismissed claims that his party is dead.

He was speaking at Malindi Community Ground in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in Mangochi on Sunday when he unveiled the party’s shadow councillor for Malindi Ward, Cassim Limamu.

The ward fell vacant following the death of John Saidi Macollera (United Democratic Front-UDF) on December 1 2017.

In his speech, Muluzi described people who are alleging the demise of UDF as “those who don’t wish the party well”.

He said:“I am always dismayed when I hear people say UDF is dead. But let me tell you that it is our party that ousted Malawi Congress Party in 1994; hence, people are saying that to bring anarchy into the party.”

Muluzi also defended his working with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying he is doing so to help the country, especially the Eastern Region, achieve development.

“By now I think people should understand that I always work with government to promote development. It happened during the People’s Party [PP] administration. People then would also say I would not contest, but didn’t I contest?” asked Atupele, amid ululation from the crowd that gathered.

He said UDF belongs to the nation, not himself or his family.

Muluzi then asked the voters to vote for Limamu, saying UDF needs to retain the seat.

Speaking earlier, group village head Chindama asked the UDF leader to continue working with government to support development projects in the area.

He said there is no way people in the area can give their votes to another party.

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