Awilo fails to impress at Sand music festival


Despite appearing as 2017 Sand Music Festival’s main guest artist, Awilo Longomba failed to impress thousands of fans who stormed Livingstonia beach in Salima over the weekend.

The Congolese superstar, who won the hearts of millions of music lovers across the world in the early 80s was welcomed on stage by jovial fans while rhythmically shouting his name ‘’Awilo! Awilo! Awilo! Awilo!’’.

Sooner than later, fans realised that Awilo was using pre-recorded background sound popularly known as CD performance. It was at this point that fans started murmuring and jeering.

Used pre-recorded sound: Awilo

As if that was not enough, the Carolina and Bundelele hitmaker’s performance nearly turned into a nightmare as his song request to the DJ was not being met on several occasions, forcing the artist to blame the famous DJ Maya live on stage.

‘’Akagone ma Blacks abwere, akagone ma Blacks abwere, akagone ma Blacks abwere’’, Fans started requesting for his early exit, opting for the Black Missionaries Band.

Fans that spoke to The Nation after Awilo’s performance, had strong reservations over his CD-enhanced performance.

‘’I expected more than this in his performance, in fact fans desire more of lively interactive performance over the karaoke [sing along] platform Awilo used tonight,’’ lamented Jessica Mende a fan from Zomba.

But others admitted they had a good time admiring the artist’s excellent dancing moves shading off his aged perception.

Rodrick Nyasa of Petauke in Zambia said artists of a contemporary calibre as that of Awilo Longomba need to sacrifice themselves and retire to maintain their legacy when they are getting aged.

Other artists who perform during the night were Lucius Banda, Patience Namadingo, Blacks Missionaries and South Africa’s Thula Sizwe, among others. n


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