Bankers initiate girls into the sector

As the world commemorated the International Day of the Girl (IDG) on Wednesday, Standard Bank employees hosted school girls to inspire them.

Girls from the three regions of the country registered for the special occasion of walking the Standard Bank corridors and learning from its employees.

Some of the girls interacting with the bank employees

Blantyre based Elizabeth Matiki, a Standard Seven pupil at Saint Pius Primary School was one of them.

“I dream of becoming a bank manager and I am glad I had a chance to participate in this special initiative. My aunt works with Nedbank and she is one of my role models. She is actually the one who registered me for this exercise,” she said.

Standard Bank company secretary and head of legal services Etness Chanza said they hoped to inspire the girls to achieve more in life.

In addition, she said the bank would like to give the girls the understanding that there are more options and opportunities out there for them, and that they can achieve whatever they want.

“It was humbling and exciting to be part of the exercise because we could see in them the eagerness to learn new things.

“We feel the satisfaction when we impact girls positively. They learnt also about people who faced the same challenges they are facing, but they managed to overcome and are living better lives now,” she said.

Standard Bank is also doing mentorship programmes for girls in partnership with the United Nations Children Fund (Unicef).

The programme started with girls from Chimbiya in Dedza.

“We pride ourselves in promoting girls and ensuring they stay in school and achieves her dreams. We encourage them that being a girl is not a limitation,” said Chanza.

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  1. Good job standard bank…encourage more girls…..but remember we hard awoman who was once inspired by other organizations, she went up the lader . And take the job above all jobs in this country she was aboss in this country. Ended wrecking up the country leaving it in pandemonium. Thats girls who inspired wrongly.

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