Bible Valley Project in Malawi

Big Walk for Bible Valley Project
Big Walk for Bible Valley Project

What is Bible Valley Project all about? James Chimpweya

talked to chairperson of the project’s communications and logistics Moses Kasitomu Officer to find out more.

Tell us about this project.

The project is an international Jewish-Christian initiative that began in May 2002. It envisions the reconstruction of 25 000 acres to relive various aspects of daily ancient biblical experiences, including economic, trade, artisan, agriculture, housing, consumer goods and war.  The land set aside for this ambitious project is located at the foothills of the Jerusalem Mountains.


What does it involve?

The project involves all people around the world in different nations to inscribe all the verses of the Bible (on blank scrolls that the nation of Israel will send) in their respective languages and in their own handwriting. Once completed, these hand-written Bible copies with names of the inscribers/writers will be sent to Israel and displayed in the Bible House which will be open for viewing.


Where in Africa is this currently taking place?

Ethiopia was the first African country that embarked on the project and completed it successfully. Then Kenya and South Africa followed. Currently, the project is in progress in Tanzania. Malawi is, therefore, the next African country to embark on this exciting project that in a way, by virtue of inscribing these verses, acts as a testament that the Bible has indeed impacted our nation and all individuals that shall take part. In Malawi, each verse inscription will attract a contribution of K650. This amount covers the production and shipment of scrolls (to and from Israel), local administrative costs and certificate from Israel recognising your partnership in this project.


When is the project starting in Malawi?

The project will start once we receive scrolls from Israel. For the scrolls to be sent from Israel to Malawi, $5 000 (K1.7 million) is required to cover the production of first scrolls and shipping of them to Malawi. A number of activities have been lined up. First, a big walk has been organised to take place on July 27 2013 from Njamba Freedom Park near Kwacha Roundabout via Shoprite /Chipembere Highway to Clock Tower- Blantyre, then to Wenela at Malawi House of Prayer behind Doogles. Our target is to raise over K2 million through this activity. Second, there will be a musical show on September 8 2013 at French Cultural Centre wheredifferent artists shall perform to raise money for the project.


When are you expecting to launch it?

The launch of the project in Malawi will take place on a date to be announced soon. Therefore, all churches, all Christians, organisations and all other interested people are requested to participate, support and make any other contribution towards the project budget so that we are able to objectively fulfill the project targets.

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