Bingu wa Mutharika

President of the Republic of Malawi, I would learn to distinguish between a party and government function.

If I were Bingu, I would not chant DPP’s slogans ‘Chala m’mwamba! chala m’mwamba! or indeed DPP woyeeee!’ during the opening of the tobacco marketing season at Lilongwe Auction Floors on Monday.

I would realise that it is important for me to contrast a party and government function because I am using public resources to promote a party which is purely an issue of my personal interest.

How I wish I were the State President, because I would realise that not all Malawians belong to DPP; hence, the need to make a distinction when I am presiding over a government function.

That is if only I were Mutharika. Unfortunately, I am not and will never be Bingu!

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