Bishop Mtumbuka pins govt on insecurity

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church has faulted government for failing to deal with lawlessness, especially where some continue to torture and kill the elderly on suspicion of witchcraft.

Speaking during the launch of the Diocese’s Seminary Fund at Mubanga Outstation in Chitipa on Saturday where Vice-President Saulos Chilima was the guest of honour, Mtumbuka said government’s response is too weak.

The bishop said the colonial government and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), during its 31-year single party rule that ended in May 1994, never tolerated such hooliganism and lawlessness.

Mtumbuka: Government response is weak

He said: “Crimes which could have been dealt with robustly, by the colonial government, even the MCP government of the past are responded to very weakly. The colonial government and certainly Dr. [Hastings] Banda could not have tolerated the rubbish we see today.”

Mtumbuka also lamented that when such incidents occur, police are chased with whips and stones, and end up going back with government officials to bargain for peace. This, he said, is unacceptable.

He said: “Mr Vice-President and Honourable Speaker [of Parliament Richard Msowoya], you must address this! We cannot claim to be a functioning State when hooligans and criminals are among us.”

On his part, Chilima urged the citizenry to live and pray together as children of one God despite political, religious or cultural beliefs. He specifically asked the youth to believe in brain power and not physical power.

The launch of the fund was held under the theme Living and Praying Together, A Condition Set by Jesus Christ for the Apostles to Receive the Holy Spirit And a Call for Unity. n

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