Blacks in pre-Chilembwe Day show

As the country commemorates Chilembwe Day on January 15, the Black Missionaries Band will this Sunday hold a show dubbed Pre-Chilembwe Day Celebrations at Modern Park in Balaka.

In an interview on Monday, Black Missionaries leader Anjiru Fumulani said the band decided to commemorate the day with people from Balaka and surrounding districts whom they failed to entertain during Christmas and New Year festivities.

Black Missionaries

“Chilembwe Day is a very important day for all Malawians,” said Fumulani.

“As Black Missionaries we would like to take part in commemorating the day in a special way by having this show. It is important to remember our heroes who fought for our freedom.”

Anthony Makondetsa, Khozie Masimbe and Yanjanani Chumbu are among the artists lined up to perform.

Fumulani assured people that every member of the Black Missionaries, including Makondetsa, will be available.

“People should expect a grand show at Modern Park since we are performing in Balaka for the first time this year,” he said.

For the past few years, the Black Missionaries have intensified shows in districts and towns such as Balaka, Mwanza and Mchinji as opposed to the cities.

Fumulani said the band will continue performing in all areas nationwide to entertain their fans wherever they are.

“Entertainment changed. In the past it was people in the cities who patronised live shows but nowadays even people in the districts and towns are patronising the shows. Wherever we perform, we have a good turnout,” he said.


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