Bushiri commended for helping the needy

One of the country’s celebrated musicians, Lucius Banda has commended Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for coming forward to support the less privileged in the country.

 It has been a busy week
Bushiri: It has been a busy week

Since his arrival from South Africa last Thursday, Bushiri has been involved in a number of charity works in support of the 2015 flood victims. Bushiri says he will spend about K40million (about $58 456) on this drive.

“As I continue my quest to help the needy in Malawi, be in prayer with me today. I will be visiting our third destination, the district of Dowa in the Central Region of Malawi to share with the people what the Lord has prepared for them.

 Commended Bushiri
Banda: Commended Bushiri

“It has been a busy week for me and Prophetic Channel Partners doing what faith entails- Humanity works,” posted Bushiri on his facebook page today.

Writing in his facebook today, Banda said many people in the country need support, commending Bushiri for the gesture.

“I am a staunch catholic; there are a number of things we differ on, in principle and belief. We are like rail we cannot meet though we go the same direction. I have seen crowds of people it didn’t move me. I saw convoys and parades of police band it was nothing to me. I have heard about miracle money I said wow! Good for them.

“But what makes me write this is I have seen Prophet Shepherd Bushiri giving money to the needy giving food to the hungry….. That is my religion!!!” wrote Banda his facebook page.

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