Carlsberg Street Bash spoils fans with fun

Fans from all walks of life were treated to a fulsome spree of assorted fun at this year’s Carlsberg Street Bash from Saturday until the wee hours of Sunday in Blantyre.

Dance, binge, smoking, mingling and live performances dictated the atmosphere of the event, offering patrons with varied choices of entertainment. For example, those who love reggae and local music were glued to the main stage mounted near the Ziboliboli shelter. The urban music fanatics were fastened to the urban music stage between the Livingstone Towers and Chibisa buildings. While those who love to dance to different types of recorded music crammed the stage, which was erected opposite the main stage.

An aerial view of the main stage

Both stages were packed with fun-seeking patrons who seem to be contented with their choice of entertainment. The main stage had ‘Sir’ Patricks, Blaze, The Black Missionaries Band and Anthony Makondetsa, the Banda brothers of Lucius and Paul, Skeffa Chimoto, Giddes Chalamanda and Edgar Ndi Davis and Kaka. Popular urban artists such as Fredokiss aka Ghetto King Kong doused the audience with some sizzling vibes via the urban music stage.

Reggae music is unquestionably one of the popular genres that bring about fun during live performances. This was proved again during the turn of Black Missionaries Band, which ignited fire that saw patrons engaged in reggae moves.

The sound quality also picked up during the Black Missionaries’ act as the pounding reggae sound coupled with ear-piercing rhythm guitars dominated the scene.

As several artists demonstrated their knack on instruments such as keyboards and bass guitars, urban artists dished out their performances via recorded music. It is only their presence on stage that added sparkle.

Business was usual on the night along the face of Malawi Telecom Networks (TNM) carpark and Kips Restaurant. While some were hitting Carlsberg beer, others were puffing weed, commonly known as chamba. Different food stuff, particularly braii, also made the night as patrons enjoyed it.

The area view of the Street Bash provided fans with another flamboyant night scene of Blantyre, which was appreciated through glittering lights.

Despite attracting a huge audience which posed a danger in case of a rush, some fans expressed gratitude for the event.

“I enjoyed the event because it provided me an opportunity to enjoy different things at once. I was able to watch urban and local music simultaneously,” said Edgar.

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