Celebrations at hideous costs

A wedding is one of the most anticipated events in everyone’s life – a significant occasion where two people unite and become one in the eyes of God.

As much as ceremonies and traditions differ from one culture to another, nearly all weddings are basically the same.

The ceremonies can be simple, but often for the elite few, they can be lavish and grand.

Such displays of extravagance can sometimes break the proverbial ceiling and set all time records, but does it make sense to have an extravagant wedding in the hope that funds will be recovered at the ceremony.

Sociologist Martin Lefu agrees that a wedding is a very special and hopefully a lifetime event, calling for the need to make the best memories.

As such, he says it is justifiable to go beyond one’s comfort zone of expenditure to meet these desires.

However, Lefu is against the idea of getting oneself in debt or dubious businesses to achieve this.

“The couple must get extra income for this special moment either from their savings, businesses, village banks and other justified means. It is best if the couple plans well to finance at least 80 percent of the costs and let the family and friends assist with the remainder. It is not okay for most of the funds to come from others,” he observes.

Additionally, Lefu points out that the money used to fund the wedding ceremony should never be considered as an investment, from which one expects a return.

“Consider those funds as the input to your special moment and never expect a profit from the perekani perekani. If it so happens just be grateful,” he says.

He adds that couples must do their best to bring out the best memories of their wedding by going the extra mile in savings and business adventures.

“They should, at all costs avoid burdening themselves and other people such as friends and family,” he says.

Blantyre-based director of ceremonies Marvis Kabuthu says people are different and while money is not a problem for some, others hope to get it from wedding ceremonies.

“Some of our clients shout at us if the money realised at their wedding is short of their expectations. But some advise us against burdening guests to give more money.

“There are people who get loans to fund weddings and these tell us out right that the ceremony should make enough money for them to repay the loans. Others just want to make a lot of money at the event for a good start of married life,” she explains.


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