Cement prices slashed


Players in the construction industry have applauded Cement Products Limited (CPL) for reducing the price of their products.

This development comes at a time government and players in the industry have complained of high cement prices, saying prices of cement in Malawi are among the highest in the Southern African development community (Sadc) region.

Cement price reduction may encourage people to build
Cement price reduction may encourage people to build

Confirming the development, CPL chairperson Aslam Gaffer attributed the reduction to the current economic status.

Said Gaffer: “Following the global trends in oil prices, which affects the cost of local fuel, we resorted to reducing our prices.

“Transport costs largely determine the cost price of our products, but now that fuel prices are lower, we resorted to decrease the price of our products.

“We have also seen the appreciation of the kwacha, which has made a positive impact on our imports.”

Reacting to the development, Mkaka Construction Company managing director Newton Kambala applauded the company for reducing their product prices.

He said it’s a positive development which will have a good impact on the construction indusry and encourage citizens to build.

“We are particularly glad with the development. Having low cement prices will lower the cost of construction and drive people to build more which in the end will impact positively on infrastructure development in the country,” he said.

In light of the reduction, head of civil engineering department Ashley Kanyoza also commended the company for the development.

“More than 20 percent of building is done with cement. With this development, people will save on the cost of construction and have a surplus,” said Kanyoza.

He also pointed out that the development will have a positive impact on the newly introduced technology of building with concrete bricks which involves mixing soil and cement and not burnt bricks.

“This innovation is expensive, but such a development [reducing cement prices] makes it more affordable; hence, contributing to our vision of preserving the environment,” he said.

According to the new price structure, the decrease means Nkope will be selling at K4 660 from K5 666 while Njati will be going at K5 825 from K6 056.  Tarzan is now at K6 407.50 from K6 990.

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