Chakwera says Malawi’s future bright

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has said he pictures a bright future for the country, but only if Malawians remove greedy politicians from power.

Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, said time has now come for Malawians to begin observing politics that does not stomach corrupt and selfish leaders to be put in power.

Chakwera and Mia arriving at Champion in Christ Church

The MCP president was speaking yesterday in Ngabu, Chikwawa when he, alongside new catch Muhammad Sidik Mia, congregated at African Zambezi Church and Champion in Christ Church, respectively, in the area.

Speaking at Champion in Christ Church, Chakwera said Malawians were hard working people but they are let down by leaders who do not see beyond themselves and their families.

“Our future is very bright but our leaders have taken it astray. It is high time we stopped politics of tribalism, properly scrutinise our leaders so that we know the truth.

“We need to start doing things in a different way. Our nation needs leaders who look beyond their relations, tribe and those close to them; in that way we will have a strong pillar,” said Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition in Parliament.

He also said church and politics were inseparable as they both deal about leadership and governance.

“There is no way you can separate the church and politics because politics, just like church, is about governance and leadership and there is no way you can draw a line,” Chakwera said.

On his part, Mia urged the Christians not to entertain leaders who believe in confrontational politics and asked the faithful to pray for Chakwera and MCP ahead of 2019 elections.

Mia, who is a sheik, also asked the people to pray for the country, saying “things are going astray and we cannot just leave our nation when we see things are going the wrong direction.”

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