Chamasowa hits at Flames critics

At a time followers of the country’s national football team are dismayed by the team’s poor performance at the ongoing Cosafa Cup, poet Hudson Chamasowa has hit at critics with Flames Moto Moto.

He has paired with another poet, Arthur Muongolo, and the production shifts the blame to the followers. The poem says Flames’ misfortunes originate from negative after-match comments and challenges supporters to stand by the team during success and failure.

Chamasowa: We should and support our team despite poor results

In an interview, Chamasowa said the Flames still remain the nation’s flag carrier and deserve due respect.

“We should love and support our team despite poor results because the Flames are a national representation. Sports fans hardly castigate their clubs when they lose, but throw stones at Flames forgetting that the players are from their clubs,” he explained.

However, some sectors think this is a reaction to Robert Chiwamba’s poem, Flames Siidzamva, but Chamasowa says: “Seriously, I never had such intentions.”

Chiwamba refused to comment, saying “it is hard to comment on other artists’ work”, but he is proud of his Flames Siidzamva.


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