Chaponda’s case moves to Zomba

High Court judge Dingiswayo Madise has dismissed the State’s application to transfer to the High Court a case in which former minister of Agriculture, Water Development and Irrigation George Chaponda is accused of corruption.

 George Chaponda is accused of corruption.

The judge says he is of the view that the certificate issued to commit the matter to the High Court was unreasonable and lacked merit.

He has since transferred the matter from the Chief Resident Magistrate in Blantyre to Chief Resident Magistrate in Zomba and has also ordered that the case start within 21 days.

Both the defence, which had applied for judicial review of the case, and the State which wanted the case to be heard by the High Court and not Blantyre Chief Resident Magistrate Simeon Mdeza, say they are happy with the court’s determination.

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  1. If Malawi is going to change … our lawyers or judges are the ones to change Malawi by implementing or administering justice impartially..This case is simple munthuyu adaba ndipo amangigwe akhale mwambi tonse tidziwopa ndipo ma lawyer alemekezedwa mdziko muno powonetsa chilungamo pa milandu .. ndipo zipangitsa kuti malawi adziwe kufunika kwa ma lawyer hense many will encouraged into the field….. Nde uyu mangidwe basi kasambara aku sevatu .. uyuso akaseve thats it… adaba adawotcha Nyumba ya boma ku Lilongwe posatengera kuti ndi mzawo wa president HE MUST BE ARERESTED THAT WAS CRIMINAL OFFENCE

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