Chikwawa youth query political body paintings


Youths in Chikwawa have questioned duty bearers on why political parties allow the youth to paint themselves in party colours for political party activities instead of engaging them in development initiatives.

The youth were speaking on Saturday during  a Get Up! Speak Out (Guso) Project meeting conducted by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) at Ngabu Teachers’ Development Centre (TDC).

One of the youth, Moris Blazio, 26, asked councillor Betason Tito of Mikalango Ward why most politicians seem proud to see the youth in the country paint their bodies in party colours.

Youths painted in party colours

“You will notice that in most cases when we have political rallies, most youths paint their bodies just to please the masters they serve. I think it’s time that we the youth stopped participating in such activities,” he said.

Blazio further urged fellow youths to “rise and stand up for action”.

In his remarks, Tito said no political party forces youths to paint their bodies.

“Let me emphasise here that as politicians or political parties, we don’t force people to paint their bodies. We don’t force people to go and attend political rallies.

“We should all remember that this is a democratic country and everyone has a right to participate in activities of their choice,” he said.

Tito further said people who paint their bodies during political rallies may do so as a result of being overzealous in trying to please their particular political masters. n

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