Churches challenged on climate change fight

Catholic University of Malawi (Cunima) vice-chancellor Father George Buleya yesterday challenged churches and faith-based institutions to step up their efforts in fighting adverse effects of climate change.

He made the remarks in Lilongwe when he opened Act Alliance Southern Africa Regional Forum 2017 meeting.

Buleya: Tell the people about climate change

In his keynote address, Buleya said time has come for churches and religious institutions to turn their attention to theological implications of environmental issues.

He said: “Religious institutions should articulate a Biblical theology of ecological protection with which they can enlighten people through public education that the earth is the theatre of God’s grace.”

Act Alliance chairperson Dickens Mtonga said churches and religious institutions have done a commendable job in complementing government’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change in the country. n


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  1. Malawian Green Theology is only subordinate to Government’s ESCOM policies. Failure by this Public service to provide affordable retail electric power to all households remains a big temptation to eat from the Tree of Life. If cities face BLACKOUTS CONTINUALLY, God’s people will continue to buy MAKALA from villagers. PAC and other NGOs should pressurise Government with equal intensity as they do on political issues to combat Green issues, starting with the major failure, ESCOM. Only then can Churches join in to help in mobilising communities, yet being aware that not all people are religious. Unless Government stops thinking like Mr Trump, that Climate Change is a fallacy, all should tackle Green policies just like HIV.

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