Council to upgrade Chiweta-Mlowe Road


Rumphi District Council has said the upgrading of Chiweta-Mlowe earth road in Rumphi will start next month.

Government has allocated money for  the construction of a tarmac road to wean the shoreline population from using unlicensed boats which are often overcrowded and prone to accidents.

The need for the road came under spotlight in April when a boat with 80 passengers on board capsized, killing six people.

Mlowe residents rely on water transport

District commissioner Lusizi Nhlane on Monday said the council has funding for the road upgrade to lessen transport problems in the lakeshore strip.

“When the road is upgraded, minibuses and buses will start operating on the road. This will help people travel comfortably and reach their destinations on time,” she said.

Traditional Authority Mwamlowe said the fishing community has been looking forward to a tarmac road for decades.

“When it rains, cars stop going to Mlowe. People get inconvenienced. A better road will ease the way we travel and transport goods,” he said. n

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