Dan Lu exports talent to Nigeria


Local musician Dan Lu is currently in Nigeria acquainting himself with Nigerian musicians and seeking to establish himself as a musician of note.

Dan Lu left for Nigeria two months ago to re-launch his career.

So far, Dan Lu has recorded two songs, Sweet Banana featuring Kcee of the hit song Limpopo and another featuring Sawasawa hit-maker Flavour.

The Part of Life star is signed to South Africa-based Nigerian label Sisqo Productions.

Dan Lu pictured with Nigerian hit-maker Flavour
Dan Lu pictured with Nigerian hit-maker Flavour

Dan Lu told The Nation that a quest for international exposure compelled him to travel to Nigerian to work with some of Nigeria’s internationally renowned artists. He said his choice of Nigeria was influenced by the success stories of its artists, both on the continent and worldwide.

Said Dan Lu: “My visit to Nigeria was influenced by my desire to take my career and Malawi music to an international audience. I really wanted Malawian music and artists to be somewhere. So, I am here to try my luck.”

He said breaking through on the international scene with music requires determination, networking and workable strategies.

He said: “It is a matter of having a vision and knowing what you want to do for your country. That is why I worked hard to fly to Nigeria. To me, this is a strategic move and I will return home when the mission is complete.”

Dan Lu is optimistic that the bar of Malawi music will be raised through his collaboration with the Nigerian musicians.

He said: “This project will create the much needed connection with Nigerians and African continent as a whole. And it will change my outlook in music. I am happy to be here. I have worked with Kcee because he is also loved by many people in Malawi. I simply have so much respect for Nigerian artists because of their passion for their talent.”

Dan Lu assured Malawi of exposure through his involvement with his Nigerian counterparts.

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