Dedza men embrace medical circumcision


Dedza District Health Office (DHO) has expressed satisfaction with numbers of men turning up in its health facilities to seek voluntary male medical circumcision (VMMC) services.

Dedza DHO VMMC coordinator Benson Jali said in an interview on Saturday that there is an increase in demand for the services which has seen the DHO beating targets it had set for July 2016-June 2017.

Jali counselling clients

He said the hospital has put under the knife 4 191 men against 4 020 men it had planned to circumcise.

“This is a positive development which shows that more men have started understanding the benefits of male medical circumcision such as reduced risks of contracting HIV,” said Jali.

He attributed the surging demand to sensitisation campaigns which the hospital and other stakeholders have been conducting in the communities.

“At first men were reluctant to come for VMMC due to several myths and misconceptions. For example, some people were alleging that we sell the severed foreskins elsewhere to be used for catching sharks,” said Jali.

He said no health personnel can sell foreskins because “it would be gross unprofessionalism”.

Dedza district Aids coordinator Ernest Kadzokoya, said the district is promoting various measures of reducing HIV transmission which include VMMC.

He commended men in the district for demonstrating a positive change of mindset by being circumcised. n

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  1. We need better clarification…..I dont believe that circumcision can help to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS..
    In Europe eg Britain Ireland German or france they don’t encourage this. They say its part of religion.Now malawi mangochi many are circumcised and you will find high leavel of cervical cancer.. and HIV..we understand that may be cancer is due to early sex . Secondly as aman amuna adula amalonda akazi and they take longer time on it. Komaso maliseche amalimba due kugundana ndi zovala air hence no foreskin.. tell people the truth we are not jews or Muslims . If its one way of depopulation I will understand because our population is growing faster than ever. Makola anthu sankadulidwa kudalibe cancer

  2. Great to hear about these men embracing circumcision. I will now chop off my foot so I do not step on a nail and get lockjaw.

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