Deep and mature acts

it is not often that brothers and close friends come together for a common purpose. However, it has just happened in Blantyre; they have the same purpose and a common cause. Mature music which resonates with the majority who have an ear for good music is what binds them together.

They are called The Classmates. Comprising Bucci, Skid, Charley, Keim, Hazel Mak, Elle Mak and DJ Nathan Tunes, the group members are basically all related.

“We are ready to impress Malawi with our mature approach to music,” says group leader Bucci, real name Mabuchi Emmanuel Mwale.

Hazel Mak

He said they have been together for some time making music and perfecting their art.

“We are good at what we do but it takes a while for the public to appreciate what we do as they need to hear the music first and appreciate it,” says Bucci.

The Classmates have now recorded a single titled Dreams and Wells which premiered on MBC’s Made on Monday programme.

The English and Chichewa R‘n’B song has also been infused with a bit of Hip-hop.

“In this album, we are all singing. Everyone composed their own lyrics. Everyone is exploring their ability to write,” says Bucci.

He adds: “We have an idea of what people consider good and mature music. We want to create ground work and have people look at music as serious business. This album will take Malawian music to another level.”

Bucci discloses that The Classmates plans to empower the dance community by engaging and using local dance troupes.

“We want to create a platform for dancers in the country from where they can generate some funds,” says Bucci.

“In the end, it will not just be about music but also fashion, dance and all things entertainment. We will organize street bashes where dance competitions, fashion exhibitions and other arts acts will take place,” he adds.

A member of The Classmates, DJ Nathan Tunes, says it helps to have the group whose members are well established artists in their own right.

“Individually it helps when we release music as a group. We merge our fans to like one big song and when it comes to promoting the song, we have an advantage, its less work,” he says.

Nathan adds that one thing that sets the group apart is the spirit of team work.

“We are all related and have a mutual understanding of both business and outside of it,” says Nathan Tunes.

According to Nathan Tunes, the full album from The Classmates is coming soon though it is untitled as of now.

For the single Dreams and Wells, the Classmates have teamed up with renowned videographer VJ Ice to create a music video of international standards.

Bucci has an EP under his belt so does Keim whose EP is titled Foreign King. Hazel Mak is working on a new EP while Charley boasts of a musical album. Skid on the other hand is working on his solo singles.

The song Dreams and Wells was produced by MBJ in Lilongwe       Lab Rats based in the Capital City.

The group is using the platforms such as YouTube, Tidal, Spotify and iTunes to sell its music.  n

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