‘Deforestation security threat’

Force (MDF) has said deforestation is affecting its training programmes, thereby posing a threat to national security.

Malawi Army Commander General Griffin Supuni Phiri said this on Monday during a tree planting exercise supported by Press Trust at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe.

“Forests are our offices because we conduct our trainings there. So if the forests are lost to wanton tree-cutting, where are we going to train? If we don’t do trainings, what is the future of our defence?” he said.

Supuni Phiri: Forests are our offices

Press Trust donated 26 421 tree seedlings worth K2 million to MDF which were planted inside the barracks and Supuni Phiri said this will create training grounds there.

“We usually go and conduct trainings far from the barracks in search of forests but with this gesture, once these trees grow up, trainings will be done right here,” said Supuni Phiri.

Press Trust executive secretary Gibson Ngalamila said the trust has so far donated K70 million to various organisations towards tree-planting in the country.

“We realise that most of the problems we are facing regarding climate is due to environmental degradation such as deforestation and to end that, that is why we have dedicated ourselves to this cause,” said Ngalamila.

Deputy Minister of Defence Everton Chimulirenji thanked Press Trust for the donation and asked MDF to take care of the trees so that they survive and give them the training grounds they desire. n

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