Designer partners Samaritan Trust

Up-and-coming garment designer Vanessa Nsona’s journey towards stardom may be long and winding, but she is slowly heading towards the crown as organisations have begun to recognise her talent.

Samaritan Trust recently partnered Vanessa for a fashion design deal aimed at raising funds for the children at the trust.

According to Vanessa, who runs Dorovee Designs, the two sides have recently kick-started the project.

She said the project is called Luso and is aimed at promoting designing talent while at the same time raising funds for the trust.

“The project is going on smoothly. It is backed by the support and talent we got from the founder of the project Linda Ronsink, who is based in Holland. She visited Malawi and as one way of raising money for the trust, she founded the project and I can report that we are making progress,” said Vanessa.

She added what she puts on sale some of her designs as well as designs from the trust.

“We sell the products of which the proceeds are shared between Dorovee Designs and the trust,” she said.

She said the products they produce include laptop bags and mobile phone pouches.

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