Do not murder

All human beings are created in the image of God and no human being has the authority or right to take someone else’s life.

Pregnancy should not be disturbed intestinally to avoid the birth of a child. That life which has begun must be respected by all. Isaiah 44:24 “this is what the Lord says, your redeemer, who formed you in the womb”. There are many abortions taking place these days without having any fear of the Lord’s wrath.

God, who is the source of life, is the only one who can rule on whether a life is to be preserved or not. To avoid committing this type of murder, people should avoid having sex outside marriage and also those in a marital set up should use methods which can help them not to have unplanned pregnancies.

It has been proven that some couples when angered by the actions of a spouse find themselves in a mess of committing murder. This act before God is murder and a sin.

The term murder has several meanings. Murder is not only the literal act of killing. When one gets angry, and they are not ready to forgive the other, and days or months and years pass by without forgiveness, that is murder. The word of God says we should not let the day pass by in anger as this is considered murder by God.

There is a planned murder whereby one devises a plan and then acts on it. My fellow beloved ones of God, such an act is barbaric, inhuman, ungodly and difficult to understand. Once a life is lost, it is gone forever and what remains is judgement for the doer and the dead before God. People should have respect for other peoples’ lives. Already many people are dying because of sicknesses and illnesses why not spare that life, you never know why God is keeping that life.

The word of God says we shall surely die. A day is coming when one by one we shall heed the call of God to eternity. This does not mean that the call of God should be quickened by men who plan on murdering others.

We are on earth on Gods mission and that mission has to be accomplished. Do not disturb God’s plan and mission towards his people.

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