Do you cause or solve problems?


When it comes to problems, there are basically two types of people. Those that cause problems and those that solve the problems.

We all do a bit of both of these two things but each one of us does more of the one than the other. You need to ask yourself whether you are more of a problem solver or causer of the problems? This is the beginning of your path towards leading a highly effective and successful life.

It is not difficult to analyse this situation relating to oneself. Just look around and list many problems that affect the people around you at family level, or in the community and indeed within your occupation like at work or in business. If you are a typical causer of problems, you will notice that you play a hand in most of the problems being faced. If you do not cause many problems, it will also be very clear to you.

You can also refer to the engagements you have with others. Do you normally turn out to be the one causing the problems or not? If you are causing problems most of the times, then you are adding very little value. On the other hand, if you usually provide solutions to problems, then you are adding a lot of value and that is the situation to be in. Be a problem solver or solution provider.

The people who have left behind big legacy are those that added a lot of value to society by solving problems and providing solutions. Reflect on how much you provide solutions to society and communities and people around you. Even if you want to make a lot of money, big money is in the art of solving problems and providing solutions for the big problems. If today, you can discover a lasting solution that makes us all never suffer from malaria then you will make a lot of money from the sales of your vaccine. If you can write a good book that helps students to pass difficult examinations, then all students will buy your book and you will make a lot of money.

Money should not always be the objective in what we do. You could write a book that solves the problem of passing examinations for students not for a profit but to make a good positive impact on society and you will leave behind very good legacy, unlike if you do nothing or if your conduct makes many pupils and students fail to do well.

Society will be better off with more problems solvers than causers of problems. If you are not a problem solver, then this is a call to conversion, so that you too can contribute positively to the new world order. If you are already someone that usually solves problems, then this is a call for you to maintain that and to recruit more people to join this movement.

At the workplace, generally those who solve problems get rewarded more and climb the career ladders faster and better than those that cause problems. If you want to accelerate your career growth, evaluate how much of a problem solver you are. Be the person that others come to when they want solutions to their problems. If you work in the finance department, be the person that people will approach first when they have a finance issue because they trust that once they approach you, they will get a solution. If you work in the marketing, sales, HR or engineering department, be the de facto contact person because everyone believes that you will help them find a solution even if it means just taking them to the one who will solve the problem and ensuring that the person does solve the problem.

Do you cause or solve problems? Do you want to be a causer or solver of problems? The choice is clear. Good luck as you work to be a solution provider and not causer of problems. This way, you will truly rise and shine!


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