DPP aspirants going unopposed

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Masebo: It is a good thing for the party

Masebo: It is a good thing for the party

number of aspiring members of Parliament (MP) for DPP are going unopposed in primary elections the party is holding in various districts in the country, party officials have confirmed.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is among few political parties that are holding primary elections to choose candidates to contest as MPs and councillors in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

For the parliamentary race, it has been established that a number of aspiring candidates do not have competitors and are simply being endorsed as candidates.

DPP vice-president Nickson Masebo, who has also been declared candidate for Chitipa North Constituency as he had no competitor, confirmed in an interview with Weekend Nation that a number of aspirants in the party, especially sitting MPs, are going unopposed.

Chinsinga: It cannot bar people

Chinsinga: It cannot bar people

“When candidates are going unopposed, it is a good thing for the party. It is giving us confidence that the candidates have the potential and that the DPP MPs have performed. We are not worried at all,” claimed Masebo.

Chancellor College political scientist Dr Blessings Chinsinga also described the development as a good sign for the party in its preparations for the elections if it is not deliberately eliminating competition.

“I don’t believe that a party such as DPP with democratic principles would bar people from competing but if it has done that, then the party should be in trouble,” said Chinsinga.

  • Guest

    To me it shows that very few individuals are interested in contesting, knowing that this particular party has no chance of winning the seat.

    • http://www.facebook.com alfred

      Who can be interested to stand for a sinking ship.
      DPP is history no one will vote for nepotists and murderers again.

    • Mayeso

      DPP woye 2014 ndi boma opanda opikisana naye.amene savotera DPP ndi munthu yekha amene ali wawulesi ongofuna uponyeredwa Zolandira opanda manyazi. Work up men and do something for yourself and don’t expect the government to give you hand outs.

    • Mayeso

      Amene savotera DPP ndiwawulesi safuna kugwira ntchito. mungofuna zolandira basi osachita manyazi. Malawians wake up!!!!!!

  • mpumuntha viskuli

    @ Guest,that is my feeling too. Whyinvest where u see u wont win??

  • Phungu Wanuwanu

    @Guest and Mpumuntha, please read the story carefully. This is mainly happening where we have sitting members of parliament, otherwise your conclusion is flawed.


    These are signs of a dying Party, a good case is for Nick Masebo who had stiff competion in 2009 from the current Minister of Agriculture and PP candidate, Dr James Munthali, an obvious winer of Chitipa North Constituency in 2014,understandably, the one cow per family is a hot thing in Kamene because of Dr Munthali. Flankly speaking DPP has lost alot of its members to either PP(South and North) or MCP(Centre).

    After all, which group of Malawians would want political dynasties for the sake of it with the coming in of the Chakweras,of course, only those who are selfish and greedy.

  • http://www.facebook.com alfred

    my prediction
    DPP will win in the lomwe belt and suffer heavy losses across the rest of the country.

    Malawi is seek and tired of cronyism as practiced by DPP

  • http://IcantwaittoseeMalawiespecialythepoorstandingonfrontofGod,fireringquestionstodanielphiriforhisdaylightrobbery. Wachiyao wangalusa

    Guys chisankho chikubwerachi zipani zoyenera kuzivotera ndi Udf or Mcp. Tikavotera Dpp kuzakhala kubwenza moto ndiye tizangochedwa nazo. PP ikazawina azakula mtima ponena motumbwa kuti awina pa voti! Tisamale amalawi.

  • yamzy

    in as far as democratic principles are concerned DPP should feel sorry for itself because where there is not competition something is wrong!ofcourse, comparisons are not necessary other parties people are struggling to get their tickets!!!!!Anyway, VOTE NDI MUMTIMA


    This is a sign that DPP is a dead party. In politics people compete for something that has got promise and giving hope. Ana amagenda mumtengo mmene muli mango.

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