DPP ignoring the speck in its eye

If nothing else, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is impressive at playing politics. DPP is like that one person at the school playground who would rush to collect a handful of soil challenging two people to engage in a fist fight then stand back and watch blood spill.

The issues in the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are there for all to see and without a doubt things are not all rosy due to poor leadership, greed and political positioning in the eventuality that MCP wins come 2019.

Until two years ago and as recent as October 2017, victory seemed so certain to MCP in 2019 but now it is slowly becoming even much less attractive than DPP. The MCP house is in shambles, however, much as those close to Lazarus Chakwera would like to deny it.

Now, if it is not injunctions hanging all over them, it is the dismissals and suspensions that have created a deep chasm between Chakwera and the party vice-president Richard Msowoya.

In the midst of the wrangles, the sly rabble rouser that is DPP is busy fanning the flames and fueling the MCP infighting sympathising with Msowoya knowing fully well that their threat, in as far as the game of political numbers is concerned, is Mia not Msowoya.

As the Mid-Year Budget Review meeting started this week, some Members of Parliament (MPs), who clearly had an agenda to destabilise an already unstable MCP, used the platform that the House provides to make allegations to the effect that there is a pending impeachment motion against the Speaker, Msowoya.

It doesn’t need rocket science to understand the underlying DPP machinations at play in the House and it was sad that Msowoya played right into it.

From the political outlook of things and, yes, if I am to be prophetic, the DPP should not be celebrating the MCP squabbles.  Their ticking time bomb, which they have been sitting on for too long will explode and it is just a matter of time.

As it stands, all we see between President Peter Mutharika and Saulos Chilima is a cosmetic and plastic relationship. There is no talk of a national convention within DPP yet, but it is clear that APM doesn’t want to partner SKC again.

A once battered and bruised DPP has the scars to show that leaving the party to someone who was not ‘anointed’ only brings heartache. APM and those that surround him are scared of what will happen once SKC has the presidency.

The DPP is probably just waiting for the right time to start attacking Chilima to justify leaving him out for the position of running mate in a year’s time.

The talk of a Judas Iscariot making rounds at rallies should not make people’s heads spin, Chilima could be the Judas they are referring to because he read a letter in Church urging people to go to the streets and exercise their right to express themselves.

It would be interesting to contrast how systematically DPP will dump Chilima to how MCP is doing it with Msowoya. It would be folly on the part of DPP to celebrate too soon without considering how the daring and strategic Chilima will react to any attacks directed at him.

Ostensibly, both MCP and DPP are both troubled parties and to some extent they are all ideologically bankrupt. It is just a matter of time before the skeletons in DPP’s closet come out.

For the voters in 2019, it is a real pity that in all this mess, their choice is either APM or Chakwera considering there is no serious challenger so far.

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