Education adviser takes chiefs, communities to task

Mwazisi primary education adviser (PEA) in Rumphi took to task communities and traditional leaders last week, demanding an explanation why Kayola Primary School rehabilitation project has delayed.

Peterkins Mumba quizzed the communities at a Child Labour Elimination Actions for Real Change (Clear) review meeting held in the district last Thursday.

The meeting—called to take stock of Clear projects in the district—pulled together youths, local communities, traditional leaders, education specialists and Clear Project officials.

“Can someone explain to me why a school block project at Kayola has delayed?” asked Mumba.

In response, principal village head Chibang’ombe said the project delayed because of lack of sand.

“The project has delayed because the contractor lacked sand. At first, we were told it was the responsibility of the contractor to bring sand to the project site,” said Chibang’ombe.

In such projects, communities contribute sand, bricks and fetch water to the project site while Clear pays the contractor, buys cement and other materials not locally produced.

Communities and their village heads have pledged to fetch sand to the project site this week.

“I also pledge on behalf of Clear that we will bring desks for pupils as soon as the project is completed,” said Daniel Msiska, Clear education programme officer in Rumphi.

Clear, which is being funded by the Elimination of Child Labour in Tobacco (ECLT) Growing Foundation, is a consortium of such organisations as Yoneco, Creccom, Total Land Care (TLC) and Save the Children as a coordinating partner.

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