Ephraim Chiume

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, I would try to address the ongoing Judiciary strike with the urgency it requires.

If I were Chiume, I would realise that the strike is now in its third week and the longer it takes, the more the judicial system is affected.

How I wish I were the Justice Minister because I would realise the need to resolve the concerns by the Judiciary staff because the strike may lead to unnecessary costs.

I would also realise, if I were Chiume, that government should have found a solution to the problem as the matter started back in 2006.

If only I were Chiume, I would realise that there is need for government to live to its word and revise conditions of work as it promised.

I would also realise, if I were the minister, that the picture being portrayed is that government is not committed to addressing the problem; otherwise, it could not let the strike go on for so long.

That is if only I were Chiume. Unfortunately, I am not and will never be him!

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