“Even up your complexion -get rid of age spots”

Age spots manifest on the surface of the skin as people age as harmless brown marks. Although they do not necessarily have to appear as part of aging process, this is the number one reason you look older than your real age.

Age spots are not wrinkles but change in skin complexion. They are simply a reaction to exposure to the sun over the years and they only appear later on in life.

People who live a lifestyle which contributes to a build-up rather than release of toxins due to poor diet, drinking and smoking are also more likely to have age spots.

Age spots develop on areas of the body that have had the greatest sun exposure like the face, shoulders, back, chest and the hands.

To reverse this, it is necessary to make changes in your nutrition and health habits in order to prevent the accumulation of excess waste and deterioration of cells.

Using a sunscreen with a high protection factor of 30 and up is also recommended by dermatologists.

Establishing a daily face routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise which we have talked about over and over in our beauty tips is also very important.

Wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle facial soap or face wash, then use a skin toner appropriate for your skin type to open the pores and remove dirt left over during the cleansing process and finish off with a moisturising cream that will help maintain the moisture content in your skin.

Fade creams and skin lighteners which contain the recommended 2 percent hydroquinone like Clear Essence, Skin Success, and Ultra Glow are some of the treatment options available that can help fade these skin discolourations.

However, many fade creams can cause skin irritation after prolonged use thereby making the situation worse. We will therefore discuss the safest way of fading age spots by using natural treatments next week.

When products to lighten up the spots make your skin more sensitive, make-up can be the safest way to minimise skin discolouration!

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