Execute in a visionary way

Visionary is often associated with leaders and execution, what managers or others do. However, a visionary person needs to make happen what the vision is, which is the execution part. Similarly, the person who executes cannot just bury their head in the detail–they need to execute with the higher purpose in mind. In short, you must combine vision and execution skills. Here are some ways to do so:

Stay in the big picture: This does not mean you ignore implementation. It means you keep the outcome in mind and connect the dots in implementation: You cannot remain above execution even if you have delegated. Whether you are supervising work or doing it yourself, you have to be clear what you are trying to achieve, enforce any non-negotiables and keep things on track.

Take deadlines seriously: Don’t just give yourself open-ended timelines. Set yourself deadlines. Do everything to meet them and have consequences if you do not meet them. You will never execute efficiently if you take an open-ended approach to how you work. Your standard of execution will be low.

Get inputs from others: The fact that you are responsible for something or that a project is your idea does not mean you have to do everything yourself and not get inputs from elsewhere. Part of getting a task done is assembling the right resources. Your responsibility is to draw on whatever support that will help you move things forward in the quickest time.

Assess strategic progress: Decide what key points will represent progress on the important things and set these measures at the beginning. Knowing when these should happen will help you plan properly, maintain momentum and make the appropriate changes as you go to chalk those milestones. Having these will also help you keep the focus so that tactical demands don’t take over.

Now take action: What is the vision for what you want to achieve this week?


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