Fatima speaks on defamation threats

Fatima: The law will fight for me
Fatima: The law will fight for me

Former Big Brother Africa (BBA) The Chase housemate Fatima Nkata says she is not moved by the direct attacks some people are poking at her, but has reminded those targeting her with malicious words that defamation is illegal in Malawi.

Fatima said this in an interview on Friday afternoon. This is her second warning to the said defamers. Her first warning came just days after leaving the BBA house when it was observed by the media that some people were posting negative comments about her on social media. The comments were circulating around events that happened during her time in the BBA house.

However, despite the warning, the situation turned sour again just hours after being unveiled as a new member of the People’s Party (PP). Since then, there have been ugly comments about her on the social media.

Last week, some people posted on Facebook pages naked pictures of her taking a shower which were leaked when she was in the BBA house. Some of the pictures were posted on Malawi Freedom network page.

“I have learnt that nobody ever kicks a dead dog. If people become empty in contexts about you and start fabricating stories about you, it just means you are a person of interest to them. I will not compromise the person that I am by entertaining them or dignifying such maliciousness. On the other hand, it will not stop me from staying focused and working harder in pursuing my passions,” she said.

Kunkuyu: If Fatima complains she will be helped
Kunkuyu: If Fatima complains she will be helped

She added that any sort of defamation is punishable in the country and would not watch someone making direct castigation to her for unfound wills.

“Defamation is illegal and I am watching those against me. They will not go scot free. I am a human being protected and entitled to all human rights. The laws will fight for me,” she said.

Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu also warned all people taking advantage of lack of regulation on publications made on online media that they risk facing the law.

“It is a challenge that we do not have laws that safeguard publications on online publications, but there are legal steps that help to take to task people who defame others. Social media is not the room for people to defame others. We condemn this in strongest terms,” said Kunkuyu saying right to privacy should be respected by all means.

The minister said anything that is character assassination is punishable by law. He said anyone who feels has been defamed through social media can report and through government offices, the person can be traced and taken to court.

“We have a mechanism that traces anyone who publishes material that defames others. If Fatima complains, she will be helped and in all means the people will be traced and taken to court,” he said.

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