Find Codi drops jazz compilation


Find Codi, a local Afro jazz band managed by Nyimbo Music Company (NMC), has released its 14-track jazz collection titled Tukuka.

Find Codi comprises the lead singer and pianist Chikondi Suleman, drummer Kad Chiwanga and lead guitarist Steve Phambala.

Chikondi: The journey was both exciting
and challenging

Chikondi described the journey as both exciting and challenging as the band worked to produce a unique touch.

“It has been a journey with mixed reactions both exciting and challenging. But here we are with a complete album,” she said.

The compilation features enchanting jazz sounds blended with extensive traditional instruments such as chisekese.

Wamisala, Tukuka, Mwezi Uwale, Lindela (an adaptation of the Malawi National Anthem stanzas 2 and 3), Tukuka Mayi Mwana and Sondela are some of the tracks in the compilation.

The album has three bonus tracks—Chikondi Changa, Tukuka and Nanjiri—recorded live at Mibawa Studios.

Lately, Chikondi has been performing alongside Mibawa Band, making a huge impression to the music fraternity. She also opened the stage during Jamaican Kenyatta Hill and Culture concert on June 2 at Mibawa Multipurpose Hall in Blantyre. n

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