First Lady calls for prayer at SDA evangelism crusade


First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has said the country’s administration needs prayers from its citizens to effectively run the country “as is expected of the office.”

Mutharika :The country’s administration needs prayers

Mutharika was speaking on Tuesday evening at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe where the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church is conducting a month-long evangelism crusade ending September 30.

Veteran evangelist Tony Yoramu-Nyirenda is leading the crusade that is also addressing some topical issues like health, finances, and enhancing social relations.

The First Lady, who graced the revival meeting after it was launched a fortnight ago, hailed the church for organizing the prayers; saying they could not have come at a better time.

Coincidentally, the topic for the night tackled prayer life.

The First Lady explained: “We do follow the revival [meetings] at home on television but it feels different having attended in person. I’m glad I did.

“As a church, continue to pray for us; for the country. As you may be aware, the responsibilities bestowed on us are enormous. As such we miss your prayers.”

Mutharika then took time to court the general public to keenly follow the proceedings at the revival meetings that are beamed live on some television stations from 6pm daily. She argued a prayerful nation is key to prosperity as religion has the power to foster peace and stability.

In his remarks, SDA Church president for Malawi [Union] Pastor Frackson Kuyama thanked the First Lady for ‘coming by’; and extended the invitation to the State President Peter Mutharika.

“History has it that all successful leaders took time off their busy schedules to serve God. Your presence tonight Madame First Lady won’t glorify the church, per se but we agree it’s an honour. The  Almighty [God] will surely reward you in a special way for such a special gesture.” Kuyama said.

The church has also organized satellite centres across the country where viewers can capture the proceedings live on big screens in a bid to reach out to the remotest that cannot access the stadium venue.

The revival meetings are themed Yesu Akubweradi.


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