Fischer Kondowe

Blantyre City South Constituency parliamentary aspirant, I would realise that my indecisiveness when it comes to party affiliation shows lack of seriousness on my part.

If I were ‘Anong’a’, I would realise that when I declare my allegiance to the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) today and then change my tune the following morning, it portrays me as someone who does not know what he is doing or what he wants.

Oh yes, if I were ‘Jahman’, I would realise that riding on my popularity alone is not enough in the game of politics which requires maturity and principles for one to earn people’s respect. Politics is a different game of numbers.

If I were Fischer, I would appreciate that football and politics are different fields and I would behave as a serious politician if were serious about my political ambition.

If I were the ‘man of the people’ that is Anon’ga, I would realise that in politics changing bases is not the same as a footballer ditching Nyasa Big Bullets to join Be Forward Wanderers and vice-versa.

This is if only I were Fischer. Unfortunately, although we have dreadlocks in common, I am not one ‘Jahman!’

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