Flora Suya’s Zambian movie launched

Suya poses on a poster of the film during the launch in Zambia
Suya poses on a poster of the film during the launch in Zambia

Chenda, a Zambian film which features Malawi’s leading actress, Flora Suya was launched last weekend in Zambia.

The movie, the third to feature Suya after appearances in Shemu Joyah’s Seasons of a Life and The Last Fishing Boat, is expected to be on the market in February.

“DVDs for the film are scheduled to be released in February and the first selling point will be Malawi. What is happening currently is post-production, which is being done in South Africa in order to give people the best,” said Suya’s manager, Emmanuel Mwanyongo.

After making news a few months ago for starring in the movie, Suya at the weekend graced Chenda’s premiere at Levy Mall’s Fresh View Cinema in Lusaka, Zambia.

The red carpet event was reportedly attended by some of Zambia’s A-list celebs.

Reacting to the premiere, Suya says: “I am looking at this as a breakthrough. I was flattered when I got offered a role in this film and to see it premiered makes it a dream come true. It feels so good that finally I can confidently say, I am breaking the borders with my talent; hence, this is my first-ever film outside Malawi.”

She added: “Malawians should expect more from me this coming year. I’m here to entertain them and to carry the Malawian flag high. I’m talking to a lot of producers in Zambia and other African countries who are interested to work with me.”

Zambian singer, Dambisa Lunda, who co-stars in the film, praised Suya for her professionalism.

“At first it was intimidating and a bit hard in the sense that we were strangers on set. Knowing that she had been nominated twice for AMAA [Africa Movie Academy Awards] made me think she wouldn’t be approachable. But, I realised what a well-conducted and professional person she is. Given another chance to work with her, I would quickly jump on it.”

According to the movie director and co-producer Owas Ray Mwape, who also stars in the film, he decided to give the Malawian actress a leading role without auditions, which was a gamble that has paid dividends.

“When I first heard about her from my connections in Malawi, I did a little research and instantly gave her one of the leading roles without auditioning her. It was a huge gamble but later on I realised it was worth it. Flora is a gem, a diamond in the rough. I never thought there was such a talent in Malawi. This is just the beginning, more is coming,” said Mwape.

In the film, Suya plays the role of Chenda, a married woman who fails to bear children which in turn makes her husband find solace in a concubine. He stops caring for his wife and that leaves her vulnerable. In a dramatic turn of events, Chenda falls for a son of her husband’s friend who visits them for a holiday. The chains of infidelity grow stronger.

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