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After cementing his stand in society as a youth activist through music, hip hop artist Fredokiss has embarked on a project to produce a documentary on the impact of music on society, especially the youth.

In an interview, Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua, said he decided to produce a documentary titled Music As a Tool For Social Change, to show the power of music as a positive tool for positive difference by the youth.

Fredokiss jumping on stage at Masintha Ground


“I was inspired by the level of impact my music has had over the years. I had to make sure I do this in the documentary whilst I can,” he said.

Fredokiss, who is also a Unicef ambassador said in the documentary he is discussing the positivity of music using himself as a case study.

“The documentary revolved around Fredokiss the artist, the music and the business principlesapplied for the Fredokiss brand to tick,” said the artist.

He said the documentary shows positivity of humble beginnings which are meant to inspire.

“Originality and persistence are core values to success in our industry and beyond. We have also redefined the Ghetto concept,” he said.

One of Fredokiss ardent followers, Chikondi Kaisi from Ndirande Township in Blantyre, said Fredokiss as an artist is inspiring in the sense that he talks about real life situations in the townships.

“The fact the he [Fredokiss] went to school and is working is quite encouraging,” he said.

Another fan, who only identified himself as Maxwell, said the Chichewa songs Fredokiss does make it easy for him to follow what he is singing about.

“For me, Malamulo amu Ghetto is his best song. It tells the real ghetto story,” said Maxwell.

According to Fredokiss, the 40-minute documentary will go on the market after the premiere of the documentary which takes place on Thursday April 26 at Bingu International Convention Centre VIP Balcony will be presided over by Germany ambassador Jurgen Borsch.

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