Germany urges mutual respect on gays


German Ambassador Peter Woeste has described as “ill-mannered reactions” on the social media, especially how people who defend Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights are confronted with violent and disrespectful verbal abuse.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Woeste said he was following with great concern the recent discussion on the rights of sexual minorities sparked by the arrest inLilongwe last week of two alleged homosexuals—Cuthbert Kulemeka (19) and Kelvin Gonani (39).

Posted on Facebook: Palmer
Posted on Facebook: Palmer

He said reading on the social media, he wondered if the people making the confrontations were the same fellow brothers and sisters who are normally very vociferous about the idea of a “Christian nation”.

Said Woeste: “Are those the same people who ask for a prayer at the beginning of every meeting? Not just because there are only a few days left until we celebrate Christmas, I hope we will return to a discussion of mutual respect.”

Woeste said Germany is passionately committed to human rights and that LGBT rights are human rights and his country shares with Malawi the utter conviction of their universality.

Woeste: Are those the same people?
Woeste: Are those the same people?

His reaction follows a call by United States of America (USA) Ambassador Virginia Palmer on the Malawi government to release the two suspected gays.

Palmer made her plea through the US Embassy Facebook page and her post attracted over 700 comments as of Wednesday evening. Many of the comments condemned her appeal, with some using offensive language.

Without directly saying it, Woeste also asked Malawi to drop the charges of sodomy levelled against the two suspects, the same request Malawi has received from Human Rights Watch (HRW) and USA.

He said: “I welcome the government’s policy, not to arrest, detain, charge or pursue people engaged in consensual same-sex activity. I trust that this policy continues to be implemented by all relevant authorities. That puts Malawi in line with the modern nations of the world.”

Malawi has come under fire from donors and gay rights civil society organisations (CSOs) for its failure to adhere to international commitments on human rights by arresting the two.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu on Wednesday told The Nation Malawi is committed to respecting the international conventions it signed and said the reported arrest is being investigated. n

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    Malawi is a lost country.. While Government Officials steal all the Donor monies and the citizens continue to live like wild animals dying like flies in cattle houses called Hospitals – Imagine that homosexuality is a matter of concern? The country is dubbed ‘The Warm Heart Of Africa’ also a so-called ‘God Fearing Nation’.. The hearts in Malawi are NOT warm, but in fact JEALOUS and full of HATE.! Malawi is known as a ‘Culure Of Corruption & Jealousy’.. How can the country be God fearing when even Religious Leaders persecute and preach hate about fellow Human Beings and it takes the civilized world to condem such behaviors and try to teach these Savages what is civilized human-like behavior. It is more important that Malawians and Malawi Government focus on; 1) The extremely HIGH LEVELS OF CORRUPTION IN THE COUNTRY, 2) The horror with ELECTRICITY & WATER, 3) The bad POTHOLED ROADS, 4) HEALTHCARE and the Cattle Houses that are called Hospitals- And the theft of all Medicines from the Hospitals that are meant for the citizens, 5) The horrific HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS including THE CRIMINALIZATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY and the horror in the PRISONS, 6) HIV & AIDS, 7) MALARIA, 8) STOP THE XENOPHOBIC TREATMENT OF FOREIGNERS in the country, 9) Focus on development of the country, 10) ELECT A PROPER PRESIDENT… Those top ten things are more important to FOCUS ON than what 2 consenting Adults do in the privacy of their own homes.. …. Malawi is a country that will NEVER PROSPER -It is a CULTURE OF ROT– Jealousy and Envy is rampant combine that with corruption and Xenophobia!… MALAWI SHOULD BE COLONIZED FOR ANOTHER 100 YEARS because 50 years did not teach them anything. They have no clue about anything primarily SELF GOVERNANCE!..

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