Globe Metals defies Kanyika ultimatum

Globe Metals and Mining Company has defied a March 31 ultimatum Kanyika chiefs and their subjects gave to be briefed on progress of compensation, a development that has forced the community to threaten unspecified action against the company.

Government assessed people’s property around Kanyika prospective mine in Mzimba District three years ago. It also discouraged the people from building houses, farming and other developmental activities, which has seen 248 households being left destitute.

To meet government: M’mbelwa V
To meet government: M’mbelwa V

Speaking in an interview on yesterday, Kanyika Mine Native Forum chairperson Sothini Kaluwa said since the company has defied the ultimatum the people have been left with no choice but to react.

He could not specify what action will be taken, but the people earlier agreed to evict the company and bar any mining activities in the area.

Said Kalua: “We should have met this week, but people are busy with church matters preparing for Easter. We will meet on Monday and come up with a date on which we should take action and after that some of us will go to Capital Hill to report to Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining on what we have done.”

Traditional Authority (T/A) Mabilabo said hisposition is that the mining company should not be allowed to operate in the area, alleging it has exposed people to poverty adding poverty levels will worsen with the drought that has hit the area.

Paramount Chief M’mbelwa V said he would meet Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Atupele Muluzi on Wednesday to discuss the plight of the people adding they deserve better.

Principal secretary for Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Ben Botolo said the ministry will be meeting the mining company after Easter to discuss the Kanyika issue and will later meet the people to relay information on the company’s plans.

He said government is equally concerned about the challenges people are facing, but he called on the people to exercise some patience.




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    If they don’t cooperatate, do likewise. Never trust a capitalist. Malawi needs a holiday from international organisations to develop the country.

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