Grace Chiumia


Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, I would acknowledge that my move to order the arrest of 14 National Intelligence Bureau (NRB) officials was total abuse of office.

If I were the lady who calls herself ‘Obama’, I would appreciate that when a whole Cabinet minister goes out of his or her way to the extent of ‘spying’ on the officers who were having a normal and cordial meeting to find ways on how to advance their grievances, it paints a picture of someone who is not only overzealous, but does not know what she or he is doing.

How I wish I were madam Chiumia as I would realise that the NRB officers were just exercising their rights.

Oh yes, madam, I would also realise that if the real Obama—that is Barack—knew that there is someone who likens herself to him but behaves funny, he would be totally ashamed.

If I were Grace, I would take time to conduct some soul-searching as regards my conduct as a minister to avoid being a disgrace. Unfortunately I am not Grace Chiumia, the whole minister who sinks so low as to ‘spy’ on officers having a normal meeting relating to their welfare. n


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