Hands off Mphwiyo family tells media

December 4, 2013 • Front Page, National News • Written by :

Hands off Mphwiyo: Paul Mphwiyo

Hands off Mphwiyo: Paul Mphwiyo

The family of the shot budget director Paul Mphwiyo has asked the public, particulalrly the media, to stay away from him to allow him to recuperate peacefully.

In a statement issued today, which Nation Online has seen, the Mphwiyo family requests for respect of right of privacy and dignity to the family.

“We, the members of the immediate and extended Mphwiyo family wish to inform the general public, and more particularly, the media in Malawi, that in the wake of the shooting of Paul Montfort Mphwiyo on Friday, 13 September, 2013, our family has endured a lot of stressful and traumatising days,” the statement reads.

The Mphwiyo family says while the general public is entitled to information, Paul Mphwiyo and the rest of the family are also entitled to the right to privacy and human dignity, especially during this time of the former budget director’s recovery.

“In this regard, we request members of the media to desist from making persistent telephonic calls to Paul requesting for an interview with him. These calls are exacerbating Paul’s condition and are counter-productive to his recovery.

  • Jeremiah Kasambala

    phone calls can not exacabate him but his involvement in the ruling

  • mphwiyo

    Stupid! amumange mwachangu ameneyi

  • Mbonga Tsukani

    I think with all due respect, what Paul should do is release a press statement of what he saw and heard on that night. I know he has already given such information to the police and that the police have had enough time to act on it if Paul new or saw the people or person who short him. If he does not know those people by name by discribing what he saw on that night might help the general public to unlock this case. I know this sounds reduculous to some but it works, for instance here in the UK they have a program on BBC called Crime watch where they show a reconstruction of crimes that were committed but the perpetrates are not yet caught. If Paul can discribe what he saw on the night, things like what clothes those people were wearing, how did they look like thinks like that can help some one out there to unlock the key on this case

  • hh

    He should go to Kamuzu Central Hospital and see for himself what it really means to suffer and also to witness first hand the work of his hans and those of his other greedy friends. Its almost laughable when this selfish and greedy mf is hailed as a hero. The only time he was not selfish was when he was showing off at the bar.

  • looters

    Look this Man should have not put his big hands in the National Kittie and we too would have been hands off.. By the way his Father in Law (EX CONVICT) Safuli is standing for PP in Chikwawa using the same looted funds.

  • http://IcantwaittoseeMalawiespecialythepoorstandingonfrontofGod,fireringquestionstodanielphiriforhisdaylightrobbery. Mr pig haram

    Koma abale a munthu uyu akudziwa zoti kalipo kalipo,chidakwa mphwiyo pali move yomwe titaidziwe yomwe unamenya

  • Angry Malawian

    The audacity! Ugh this makes me so angry.

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