HHI girls interact with career women

Ukani Malawi, a non-profit youth led organisation based in Blantyre, recently engaged girls at HHI Secondary School, exposing them to various careers they could get into in future.

Dr. Diana Jere, a nursing PHD Holder and academician at Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN), journalist Otuli Munlo, CDH Bank’s lawyer Anastasia Chirambo and Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Nancy Chamdimba are among the women who inspired the girls.

Some HHI students with the professionals

“The purpose of our engaging with the young girls was for them to learn a little about the different careers that are on demand and for them to learn what it is like to work in that profession from women who are already in those fields.

“The idea was to motivate and inspire girls to work hard towards various careers by providing role models and a practical feel for various jobs,” says Temwa Chirembo, Ukani Malawi co-founder.

In an interview, Munlo said she was motivated to share about her career because she believes that knowledge might help the girls shape their decisions in the end.

“Just knowing that there are young girls out there, less privileged than ourselves and are living in a world where a lot of things [like early marriages]are happening compelled me to share about my career with them. I believe that knowledge is power, and having knowledge about all these careers might somehow help them shape the decisions they make in life,” she said.

Chirembo says Ukani Malawi is focused on helping girls realise their potential in society by aiding her overall development.

“We aim at teaching young girls skills to last a lifetime so that in future they can steer the fight for change for this generation and generations to come,” says Chirembo.

Ukani Malawi also supports young women in rural areas to rise up and work hard towards a brighter future despite the different barriers. 

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