High tea party raises K7 million

With the message that it is possible to have fun, spoil ourselves but at the same time help others, Women of Substance (WOS), has raised K7 million through a tea party, which will go towards assisting Kachere Rehabilitation Centre in Blantyre.

WOS, a group of women friends formed in 2010 to deepen their friendship and celebrate events together, held a High Tea Party recently, at Green Valley Gardens in Blantyre, which was graced with performances by Faith Mussa and Piksy.

Some of the Women of Substance at the tea party

“Kachere Rehabilitation Centre is in serious need of various essential equipment and accessories, which is compromising the quality of services the institution offers. WOS organised the ‘High Tea Party’ for women in a bid to raise the said amount. Beyond social interaction, the event also provided women the opportunity for further networking through engaging conversations,” said Gugile Banda, WOS chairperson.

The high percentage of people with disabilities is increasing the demand for physiotherapy treatment, and Banda said the fundraising event was appropriate to help improve the quality of treatment at the centre.

“People with disabilities face a lot of challenges as they fight to get inclusion in society. It is everyone’s responsibility to make the society more inclusive in order for it to be called a ‘better world for all’.  That is why as WOS, this is a show of our practical love and care by ensuring that persons with disabilities have access to the physical environment,” she said.

Over the years, WOS has gone beyond their circle of usual chats and gatherings to assisting the less privileged and resource constrained public institutions.

Last December, WOS donated various items to Gogo Chatinkha Maternity Wing and the Children’s Cancer Ward at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

WOS was started by three or four women who invited other friends, and now the group membership has grown to 17.

Banda pointed out that individuals and corporates alike can still donate towards the cause as the needs of Kachere are many. n

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  1. Women of Substance. What a name! Women of Weighty Substance, I should add. Living off the fat of the land. With a combined weight…er….I mean combined net of millions!

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