How to announce first pregnancy to parents

Getting pregnant is an exciting time for couples, especially if it is a first pregnancy. It is only normal to want to share that enthusiasm with the world, starting with the family.

However, breaking the pregnancy news to parents can be menacing. People often find themselves restless over how they will tell their families and how they are going to react.

Do we surprise parents or notify them officially about a pregnancy

Over the years, people have come up with many exciting ways of announcing a pregnancy in a way that brings out a positive reaction from parents.

 According to an article on, couples in the Western world often use the classic bun-in-the-oven reveal, where the couple gives parents a homemade bun marked with a ‘B’.

In a discussion on a women’s local social media platform last week, women revealed different ways of communicating such news to parents from both sides.

One woman wrote: “We sent texts to our parents that said ‘breaking news… we are expecting!’ And we put the number of weeks. It will depend though, on the kind of relationship you have with the in-laws, but I am sure with your mother it would be easier to come out plain and tell her. The same would apply with your mother in-law, if you have a good relationship.”

Commenting on the same post, another woman argued that you do not announce pregnancy because it eventually shows on its own as it grows.

Some people simply drop some hints for the parents to pick on. “I just made time to go and visit my mother in-law one weekend. And as we sat and talked, I kept getting up as if to spit out saliva in the rest room. My mother in-law got it. And when I was leaving later that evening, she simply advised that we should alert her when nearing the due date,” recalls another.

A different article on argues that there is nothing wrong with just calling them up and saying, “Guess what?” But then some expectant parents just like to liven things up a little with all sorts of creative ways to make the announcement.

Giving your parents little gifts is another fun way to go, according to Gift ideas include bibs, booties and pacifiers, but some couples prefer to give them something the parents will wear – like a shirt or hat that says “world’s best grandma” or “world’s best grandpa.” 

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