If I were Felix Chingota…

Chairperson of Public Affairs Committee (PAC), I would accept the harsh reality that people have lost confidence in my faith-based institution after the failed initial street demonstrations to push for electoral reforms laws.

If I were the Reverend Chingota, I would admit that PAC missed the plot terribly by postponing the initial demonstrations and, therefore, no need to revive them.

How I wish I were the chairperson of PAC, because I would appreciate that the people cannot take my institution seriously again after failing them big time and to think that they can accept to be taken for a ride again is living in denial.

Oh yes, if I were bwana Chingota and his crew, I would appreciate that it is a waste of time to even push for that agenda now because it will not succeed.

Just like the former vice-president Khumbo Kachali observed, the last-minute cancellation of the demonstrations raised eyebrows with other quarters suggesting that ena anayikidwa banzi m’kamwa.

That is if I were the Reverend Chingota, but, unfortunately, I am not the PAC chairperson. n

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