If I were Goodall Gondwe


Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, I would, as a renowned economist, feel ashamed  of planning to spend about K4 billion on 86 constituencies belonging to members of Parliament who voted against the Electoral Reforms Bill, without Parliament’s authority.

If I were the man responsible for government’s purse, I would not shamelessly say the money came from “somewhere” because the question is where is “somewhere”?

If I were my good ‘ol man GG, I would appreciate that not only did I lose the plot terribly but that my act was in breach of the Republican Constitution.

Under the circumstances, I would realise that no explanation would justify my move—not even the decision to share the money to all 193 constituencies—because that alone is a confirmation that what I did was wrong.

Oh yes, Goodall, under such circumstances, if I were you, I would not even wait for the opposition to call for my resignation because to save my dignity—that is if at all there is any left—I would resign on my own. The situation would also give me food for thought that it is time to leave the stage because age appears not to be on my side.

Sekuru Goodall, if I were you, I would appreciate that the money would have been put to better use. Unfortunately, it is a mere wish for I am not and will never be one Goodall Gondwe.

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